Premium Linseed Oil - Cold-Pressed

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Description TRM's Linseed Oil contains only Cold Pressed, Stabilised Linseed Oil. Cold Pressed Linseed Oil (can be known as Flaxseed Oil also) is an excellent source of Omega fatty acids in the the closest ratio/balance to grass that is most suitable for horses. It is extremely high in Omega 3, the most important one, to assist in the nutritional maintenance of a horse’s coat and skin. TRM’s Premium Linseed Oil is always tested in advance of placing on the market to ensure absence of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances. Percentage Omegas in TRM's Linseed Oil Omega 3 - 55%, Omega 6 - 18%, Omega 9 - 18% These values are taken as averages from crop quality testing which can be affected by weather during growth and during harvest. Cost per day for a 50ml serving is 0.66c Feeding Instructions Premium Linseed Oil should be added to the normal feed ration. Horses and Ponies: Add to the normal feed ration. Feed 50ml per day. Adjust upwards (or downwards) based on individual needs, workload/energy levels and for those on diets with little or no access to fresh pasture. If you need a pump for the 4.5L size, please add it to your order as a separate item.