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Lemieux Vogue Flyhood

Style and Comfort: LeMieux Vogue Flyhood Fashionable Fly Protection Fly Hoods as Fashion Statements: Elevate your horse's style...
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Style and Comfort: LeMieux Vogue Flyhood

Fashionable Fly Protection

Fly Hoods as Fashion Statements: Elevate your horse's style with the LeMieux Vogue Flyhood – not just for fly protection but a fashion statement. Handmade with precision, this fly hood features close-knit crochet trimmed with twin twisted rope braiding, adding a touch of elegance to your horse's ensemble.

Close-Knit Crochet: The intricately woven close-knit crochet enhances the visual appeal of the fly hood. The craftsmanship ensures not only effective fly protection but also a stylish accessory that sets your horse apart.

Twisted Rope Braiding: The fly hood is trimmed with twin twisted rope braiding, offering a unique and fashionable detail. This added touch of design showcases LeMieux's commitment to both functionality and style.

Comfortable Sound Softening

High-Density Ear Fabric: Beyond fashion, the LeMieux Vogue Flyhood prioritizes your horse's comfort. The high-density ear fabric is not only a practical element for sound softening but also enhances the overall comfort of your horse while wearing the hood.

Effective Sound Softening: The comfortable ear fabric is designed to effectively soften sound, providing your horse with a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Whether in the stable or during outdoor activities, your horse can enjoy a quieter environment.

Info & Care: Keep it Stylishly Clean

Machine Washable: Maintain the stylish appearance effortlessly. The LeMieux Vogue Flyhood is machine washable at a low temperature, preferably 30 degrees. This convenient feature ensures easy cleaning to keep your horse's accessory looking its best.

Use a Wash Bag: For added protection during washing, it is advised to use a wash bag. This simple step helps preserve the intricate crochet and braiding details, extending the life of the fly hood.

Washing Tablet/Capsule Friendly: Enhance the cleaning process by using a washing tablet or capsule. This ensures a thorough and gentle wash, keeping the fly hood in pristine condition.

Air Dry for Longevity

Avoid Tumble Drying: To maintain the integrity of the LeMieux Vogue Flyhood, never tumble dry. Tumble drying can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the crochet and braiding, affecting both the aesthetics and functionality.

Air Dry Away from Heat Sources: Opt for air drying away from any heat source. This ensures a natural drying process that keeps the fly hood in top condition, ready for your horse's next stylish outing.

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Lemieux Vogue Flyhood

Lemieux Vogue Flyhood


Lemieux Vogue Flyhood

Color: Black
Size: Medium

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