NRG Stride Hoof Dressing

NRG Stride Hoof Dressing

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NRG Stride Hoof Dressing was developed to provide a nourishing and naturally black hoof dressing that will improve the health of the hoof while dressing it in preparation for shows and events.

Applying Stride Hoof Dressing creates a nourishing barrier that soaks into the hoof wall and looks great without harming your horse's hooves. Shoeing a horse or pony with dry hooves is extremely difficult with farriers often having trouble driving a nail or finding it very hard to trim, file or rasp the hoof.

Using NRG Stride on a regular basis will help keep your horse's hooves in good condition. Features

  • Natural black hoof dressing that lasts • Helps nourish hooves to keep them supple
  • Helps encourage healthy hoof growth