Chambon Elastic Training Reins

Chambon Elastic Training Reins

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Ideal for horses who stiffen their poll and go against the rider's hand. Adapted to the workout of young horses. It can be used while riding or lungeing. It is fixed to the girth or to a roller on each side of the horse. Like all training aids, it is important not to fix it too short, especially in the beginning of the workout. Be careful not to lock in your horse, that will generate defences, but to create a frame in which the horse can move freely. Entirely adjustable.

How to use:

  1. Start by placing the adjustable bungee stopper at the central point on the horse’s poll.
  2. Thread one of the bungee clips though the outer ring of the horse’s bit.

Attach the bungee clip to one of the following options:

  • clip on to the girth D-ring. If your girth does not have a D-ring loop, you can loop the rein under the girth and clip back on to itself.
  • clip on to the saddle D-ring

Repeat on the opposite side of your horse.

Ensure the bungee stopper is adjusted at the top of the horse’s head. Please make sure this is not too tight causing the horse discomfort.