Fly Boots For Horses Australia
Fly Boots For Horses Australia
Fly Boots For Horses Australia

Premier Equine Pro Tech Bug and Fly Boots For Horses

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During summer months horse's legs can suffer from fly and midge bites, causing swelling and irritation. Crafted from a 3D ducted sports mesh, these fly boots allow air to flow and circulate around the horse's leg, keeping them cool on the warmest of days. Can be used on both front and hind legs.

  • Fly Boots For Horses constructed from breathable 3D ducted sports mesh
  • Fly Boots For Horses smooth face to the inner fabric
  • Fly Boots For Horses keep legs cool and protect against flies, bug and midges
  • Fly Boots For Horses designed and shaped to fit and contour around the tendon and fetlock area
  • Wick away moisture and sweat
  • Offers lightweight turnout protection
  • Secure, stay in place
  • Easy to use, put on and take off
  • Can be used on front & hind legs
  • Sold in pairs

Our Pro-Tech Bug Boots will help keep annoying insects away from your horse's legs.

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Anatomically Contoured

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Insect & Fly Barrier

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Mesh Air Fabric

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Tendon Support and Protection

Fly Boots For Horses Australia