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Evolve Wormer

Evolve Wormer: Revolutionizing Horse Health Unparalleled Protection for Your Noble Companion Evolve Wormer stands as the epitome of...
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Evolve Wormer: Revolutionizing Horse Health

Unparalleled Protection for Your Noble Companion

Evolve Wormer stands as the epitome of equine health, offering a comprehensive solution for worm control in horses. Crafted with utmost precision, this broad-spectrum dewormer and boticide redefine the standards of equine care.

Unmatched Efficiency and Convenience

With an easy-grip, ergonomic handle, Evolve ensures effortless administration. The syringe, designed to accommodate hands of all sizes, guarantees a seamless experience. Say goodbye to the struggle of medicating your horse – Evolve is your reliable partner.

The delectable orange flavor adds a touch of delight to the deworming routine. Your horse will not only accept it willingly but might even enjoy the experience. No more battles with spitting out medication; Evolve makes the process as smooth as a trot in the meadow.

A Shield Against a Myriad of Threats

The Science Behind Evolve

At the heart of Evolve lies a powerful blend of Ivermectin and Praziquantel, targeting a spectrum of parasites that can afflict your beloved horse. From large strongyles to pinworms, tapeworms to bots, Evolve is a formidable defender against a wide array of equine pests.

Beyond Worms: Holistic Care

Evolve extends its protective shield beyond worms, addressing skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp., cutaneous larvae, and microfilariae. Your horse's well-being is our priority, and Evolve ensures comprehensive care against various threats.

Ease of Use and Peace of Mind

Directions for a Hassle-Free Application

Administering Evolve is a breeze with our precise dosage recommendations. The concentrated formulation minimizes wastage, ensuring every gram serves its purpose. Follow our easy steps, and your horse will be safeguarded against parasites effectively.

Tailored Deworming Program

Take control of your horse's health with Evolve's general directions. Tailor your deworming program based on faecal egg counts, and seize the key times in Autumn and Spring for optimal treatment. From foals to pregnant mares, Evolve provides a safe and effective solution for horses of all stages.

Choose Evolve: A Trusted Companion

Available Sizes to Suit Your Needs

Whether you opt for a single 6.42g syringe or a stable pail containing 50 syringes, Evolve accommodates your preferences. Our commitment to equine health is reflected in every product, proudly manufactured in a GMP approved facility.

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Evolve Wormer

Evolve Wormer


Evolve Wormer

Size: Single 6.42g syringe

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